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As WPML-consultant, it is fun to visit companies, and meet my clients in their natural habitat. Just yesterday, I had an appointment with one of the companies in “Het Industriegebouw” in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, to check a WPML setup, resolve any remaining translation issues, and explain some of the functions.

Het Industriegebouw is a beautiful building designed just before WWII, and built just after it, what was re-invigorated by an investor in 2015, and is now home to dozens of cool startup companies. That’s a nice change from my quiet office in Voorhout 🙂

Do you need assistance with WPML? As WPML expert, I am experienced in setting up and troubleshooting WPML, also in combination with WooCommerce and/or Advanced Custom Fields (ACF). WPML is by far the most successful multilanguage system for WordPress. But that does not always mean it is easy to implement, as there are som many plugins and dependencies. If you are unfamiliar with the system, it can be quite daunting. If you know what to do however, it is not that complicated after all, and you will get used to working with it soon enough. I can resolve any issues in the configuration, and explain how the WPML system can best be used in your particular situation.

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Boris Hoekmeijer

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My name is Boris Hoekmeijer, I am a webdesigner, graphic designer and WPML expert operating from the small town of Voorhout (The Netherlands), right in the heart of the famous "Bollenstreek".

I started my own business back in 2010, and it has proven the best desicion of my life! I thoroughly enjoy helping others, be it by digging into WordPress (WPML) systems and rooting out problems, or coming up with new ideas in designing and building websites and logos for new clients or new projects. Feel free to contact me for any questions, or for a quote without obligation.

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