How to solve WordPress Reference Error: tinyMCE not defined

header image tutorial wordpress reference error tinymce not defined

After purchasing and installing the Essential Grid plugin (plugin for displaying posts in an image grid) at CodeCanyon, I had problems creating a new grid. I tried different browsers, different machines, disabled all plugins, switched themes, nothing worked. The people at ThemePunch (creators of the Essential Grid plugin) were helpful. I created an account for them to test, but they did not experience these problems. The only thing I could find at fault was that Firebug displayed an error when I tried to save the grid:

Reference Error: tinyMCE is not defined if(tinyMCE.get(name) != null)

So something was keeping TinyMCE from loading. A Google search didn’t help much. Suggested solutions were a theme issue, permissions issue on the wp folder that includes tinymce, plugin conflicts and browser settings, but none of them worked for me.

Then I realized I had disabled the WYSIWYG editor for my account. When I re-activated it, it all worked immediately.

Dumb mistake, but I’m posting it here so maybe someone else is helped by it!

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My name is Boris Hoekmeijer, I'm a webdesigner and graphic designer.
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  • Raja says:

    Where can i activate WYSIWYG editor?

    • Boris Hoekmeijer says:

      Hi Raja,
      by clicking on “Visual” at the top right of the content field…

  • Escha says:

    Brilliant! Couldn’t work out what had happened and tried reinstalling everything before finding this. Thank you!

  • Ronald Solomon says:

    Ahh very helpful article. I appreciate. Thanks a lot

  • Boyd says:

    it’s great helpful, thanks a lot!

  • Amit kumar says:

    I am still getting same error.
    please help

    • Boris Hoekmeijer says:

      Well, you need to make a more elaborate description, or I won’t be able to help you. With which plug-in are you experiencing the issue? Have you got the WYSIWYG editor enabled for your account? It might be a plug-in conflict. You could try disabling all other plug-ins and see if the problem persists. If it does, then it might be a theme issue. Test with a standard theme (like 2016) and see if it persists.

  • ScottWalters says:

    Thanks a million! I worked this one pretty hard before I found your post. Thanks for putting this out there!

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