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Link Naar Tutorial Find Post Page Tag Media Id In Wordpress

How to find post, page, tag, category and media ID in WordPress

It should be so simple: Add a column to the post, page, category and tag overviews displaying each item’s ID. I’m sure the WordPress development team is aware of this omission, but for some reaso they have chosen not to implement it. The fact remains that webdesigners and administrators need to look up the ID’s of these items regularly, especially when developing or customizing themes. Or when you need to create redirections after a permalink settings change. There are numerous occasions where I have had a need for them.

Link Naar Tutorial Static Navigation Menu In Wordpress

How to create a static WordPress navigation menu

I wanted to create a static navigation menu creating a combination of both static pages (for home, about, contact, etc) and categories (for tutorials and portfolio) for a WordPress 2.9.2 website. This meant that the regular way of automatic listing (wp_list functions) was not going to do it for me, as this would automatically expand when a new category or page was added. As none of the answers I found covered the whole of my question, I’ll post it here for your convenience!